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Best Cakesicles and Cakepops in Coimbatore

Crafted Dessert To Perfect Its Deliciousness With Each Flavour

Cake sicles, which is a larger and slightly different edition of a cake pop shaped like a popsicle. These scrumptious-looking cake sicles and cake pops appeal to customers and keep them coming back. Cake pops and cake sicles are the latest innovation in Myum run by this Coimbatore-based creative home-baker. Just call us to get Cake sicles in Coimbatore.
If you are a popsicle lover, then you’ll love these cake sicles too. A new trend in hybrid desserts is a sure hit at every party. cake sicles are a fusion of cake and sugar coating enveloped with a shell of chocolate, on a stick. Likewise, cake pops – cookies on a lollipop stick – come adorably decorated with regal icing.

                                                                       Feel the delight straight from your soul!

Delicious Fun

The most desirable dessert that you can add to your party dessert menu is Cake sicles and cake pops. Crafted by a trained and experienced home baker, Myum cakes’ spices and pops are the finest quality ones you can get in Coimbatore. It comes in the form of a popsicle and is made available in any color and design.
While you can enjoy the ready-made items, they are still dedicated to custom orders for family events and parties. These lovely cakes and cookies on a popsicle stick, of course! Cake pops are cakes and cookies made in the shape of popsicles that started trending recently. Myum offers Cake pops in Coimbatore; Pastries on a stick are a way to indulge your sweet tooth without getting messy. A mouth-watering combination of pastry and popsicles, cake sicles seem to be the newest food trend in the city. Myum offers entirely customized cake sicles and pops with a wide variety of flavors that suit your event style and theme. You can even replace the traditional sweets with these much-loved mini beauties called cake sicles — everything you love about cake combined with the convenience and fun of a popsicle that won’t melt!
Why people love this because Cakesicles offer us infinite possible ideas for decorating. They are a cake artist’s great design element, for doing all the piping, icing, and crafting. You can get amazing Cake sicles in Coimbatore, including cartoon heroes, nature unique designs, and candy flowers. They are just like edible toys for kids.
So why wait, the next time you party contact us for making the event fun with these cute cake popsicles. Get customized Cake sicles and Cake pops in Coimbatore.

                                                                               Satisfy your sweet tooth with our cake sicles!