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Baking with the Heart to Bring Smiles

There is nothing to make better than cakes. I always love it at first bite. Whenever I ate cakes, I felt why don’t I try it in a different taste. I made it just for me at my home. Then I realized about my culinary skills and  I was fascinated by them. I have learned the basics of baking and took my pleasure to the next level. At that time, I changed my passion as a profession. Then I started my own venture with the support of my family and friends.  I hope that I can bring joy to others. It has been five years but I do not get tired of baking and even I love to do it in a lovable way.

I am proud to make the people experience the taste of joy. And crazy about making delicious alternatives. I bake the taste which you love. I ensure that to always give you my best. Myum cake helps me to discover a healthier slice of my life.

For the time being, everyone looking for the best home bakers near them to celebrate their special moments with deliciousness. Myum provides the tastiest cakes by the best home bakers in Coimbatore to give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. At myum, every flavor has its own creativity; get unexpected flavors that you will want to bring with you on your special day.

“Let us celebrate your moment with M Yum Cakes”

Best Home Bakers in Coimbatore
Be young, Be sweet

Make your dream come true with our deliciousness. Feel the new experience in your day and create a moment with us.

For the two of you

To find one special cake with good taste for a momentary celebration is not easy like you found your life partner.

For a fancy surprise

Reach us to make our pinata is yours with a beautiful design and delicious taste. It will melt in your mouth amazingly.

Just for the classy beginning

Make your beautiful celebration of life begins with a sweet delicious. You and cake together and forever.

Simply delicious

Grab a cupcake to smell the butter. Start a day with a cupcake for a better one. It makes you smile a lot more.

Beauty of confectionery


It is an art of sweetness, exceptionally better, and beats everything. Macaron knows the magic to pull you themselves.

Completely irresistible

Our delicious brownies will teach you how to drown your sorrows. Be ready to left your heart with the tray of brownies.

Full of Crunchiness


Bite-size cookies make you fall in love at first bite. It brings true happiness and will make you sweeter.

Milky magic


The moment always tastes better with cheesecakes. Choose the cheese to feel the delight. The finest palace of real cheesecake.

Love of cakes

The Sweetness filled pops. Freshly baked goodness with many flavours. Our small delectable make your heart delight.

A sweet punch

Be ready to taste the delicious surprise that awaits inside. The inside surprise is the reason to make donuts loved by all.

Crafting the Curiosity

M yum is the place where you get emotions with delish desserts. We make your occasions special with our Gifting hampers.

Bundle of Deliciousness

A perfect filling and texture. Your sweet cravings will be satisfied with these colorful component layers and sweet inserts.

A Blend of rich flavours

This premium yummylicious is made with the goodness of healthy ingredients. These Irresistible blends increase the taste of richness.

Glam up the party table

Our yummy options will set up your party table pretty. Myum’s customized desserts and props for a memorable party table.

Savor the classy dessert

Our classic cakes will make all your events more classy.  We ensure that the layers of our classic cakes will enchant you in every bite.

Desserts Kind of Wonderful

We know how to make your kid smile with a birthday cake. Get great customized 3D birthday cakes for your kid to make them special.

Box of Sweets and Happiness

Get a delight in a Jar! Sweet delights in tubs are made in great quality here; canning jar cake gifts with surprises will make you smile.

The perfect tea companion

Make your time more delightful with our exclusive dry cakes and muffins.  Get a customized tea companion which meets your taste.

Worth devouring

Celebrate happiness in style with our unique themed cakes. Your life’s best moment will enrich with our whimsical and stunning cake decoration.

Forever Delight

Go with the trend of celebrating Half a Birthday. We offer personalized cakes for half-year celebrations in all sorts of flavours that will sweeten the day.

An indulgent sweet treat

You can get cakes that design will resemble your favourite food with edible, miniature toppings. Explore the delectable options here.

Taste the mighty jungle

Let your charming child’s heart will fill with utmost happiness and joy on their special day. Get our ideal sweet dish with innovative animal theme designs.

Lovable baking creativity

Our delicious cartoon character cakes will fascinate your children. Their favorite cartoon character cake will bring a happy smile to their face.

Behold the temptation

Our bountiful gift box contains premium and delicious chocolate bars which are good for our health. An ultimate flavored chocolate Gift choice for you.

A fluffy layer with flavors

Almond sponge and coffee syrup enhance the flavor of our opera cakes. These delicate layers of pure couverture bounds to bring a worthy taste.

Indulge in Delicious

Who said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it to your taste, as well? Our customized mini cakes and bento cakes will make sure you do. Get the sweetest cake in town.