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Dessert Jars in Coimbatore

Experience happiness one jar at a time with our dessert tubs

Crave something cute and unique?

What isn’t more visually appealing than having an assortment of all the flavors caught in a jar? Myum cakes’ dessert jars are a rage now. These little works of art with bombs of taste will make you let them explode more n more. This culinary skill of combining the unique tastes of the world in a single-serve dessert jar is awesome to serve. We have all the possible flavors and toppings and it isn’t just cute alone, served in hygienic glass bottles, they are healthy and classy. Every layer burst with flavors.

Do you have a taste in mind?

Do you need a fusion with Indian sweets? We are ready to recreate it in a jar. They are fun to serve at birthday parties, romantic dinners, and baby showers. These little affable Dessert jars filled with love are great to gift. Always a crowd-pleaser!

Dessert tubs! They are portable, giftable, and adorable.

Do you know the feeling when you crackle through a dessert tub? The tub contains layers of creamy and chocolatey offerings, including cake and cream. You will easily get lost in the many layers of fruity, nutty, crunchy deliciousness of fresh chocolate. If chocolate isn’t your choice Myum Desert tubs are available in different flavors and toppings. Layered with strawberry, blueberry, and cheesecakes, it will give you a silky-smooth exceptional feeling.

Myum Cakes has redefined how people experience Desert tubs and jars with a wide range of services inspired by the world’s most delicious tastes.

So the next time you want to satisfy your sweet cravings call Myum cakes.

                                             Let our customized jars and tubs make your perfect day!